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Wesche (34 of 48)

Sara Wesche began her marketing career at the age of five when she convinced her parents of the educational and developmental virtues of the Teddy Ruxpin doll. Sara’s tightly focused messaging ensured Mr. Ruxpin would be under the Christmas tree that year.

In recent years, Sara has led marketing communications teams for multiple brands and helped to execute and transition an organization through two private equity acquisitions.

In 2015, Sara left the client side to work as an independent content developer and marketing strategist. Sara helps organizations and brands identify their most lucrative target personas and distill their marketing messaging to ensure optimal interaction with prospects and customers along every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey.

With her experience as a corporate marketing executive, Sara has a unique ability to identify with her clients. She brings business acumen and a fresh, peer-to-peer perspective working as an extension of the marketing team. 

Sara has worked on several successful projects, including outbound and inbound marketing campaign management, lead generation, marketing campaign development and strategy, copywriting and content development, website development, brand identity, customer experience, social media and content marketing, email marketing, public relations, event planning, and project and team management.

Her most important work to date is a little boy who calls her “mama.” If she’s not working on your project, you’ll find Sara outdoors on a trail, a ski hill, or at the lake. 

Sara lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and works with clients throughout North America.

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