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Can We Talk About Local Television Commercials For a Minute?

You know what I’m talking about.  Every town has them.  Maybe they are better when you live in a larger city such as New York or Los Angeles.  But, I have to imagine that some guy named Bob who owns a business in Brooklyn is starring in his own commercial, and “Brooklyn Bob is Beating Down the Competition!”

Yes, that’s right.  The local commercial. I’m not going to pick on any, one in particular. Because I don’t have to give you an example. That’s just it…you know what I’m talking about.

They might be hokey.  They might be poor production quality.  They might make you shake your head or roll your eyes.  But, we all know them and we know the brands they behind them.

In an era when consumers are surrounded by so much media noise, how do the local television commercials break-through?  By following some of the basic rules of marketing communications:

They Use a Form of Repetition – Whether they use the same person, the same setting, or a similar story line, the commercials are recognizable.   And we know repetition is an important part of successful messaging.

They Are Memorable – Whatever the reason…good or bad…they are memorable.  You might even find yourself talking about them after they air.

They Are Catchy –  I find myself watching them. Why? Because I can’t not.  I can’t turn away.  Whether it’s the cheese factor, the shock value, or a sing-a-long jingle that’s stuck in my head, I’m hooked.

They Are Real – They are from the heart.  A true pulse of the entrepreneur behind the company and the employees that work there.  They may feature family and kids.  They probably show the real work environment.  They might show a guy literally beating down prices…with a bat and some plywood.  Google it.  There is nothing staged or fake. And as a consumer, you have to appreciate that.

The beauty of this is, when the time comes that I need a specific service or product, I’m going to remember these companies.  I can already hear myself thinking….”Hmmm, who should I call for INSERT PRODUCT OR SERVICE OF CHOICE HERE.  Well, I could give those guys a call.”

So, I say to the local commercial pioneers, film on!  Keep filming in your parking lots and backyards. Keep filming your employees and your families. Keep finding silly storylines, cheesy tag lines, and catchy jingles. Because we’re watching, and I think it might just be working for you.

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