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Well mama, it’s been 15 months since you’ve given birth and here’s the hard truth, you are never going to get your pre-baby body back.

You can do 1,000 crunches and your belly button will still be slighly stretched and a bit wonky.

Your feet are flatter now and you just won’t fit into certain shoes.  And, forget about heels. No thanks. They just won’t be comfortable.  Might as well clean out your closet and move on.

Your arms are stronger than ever.  Even when you don’t think you have one more minute left in you, they hold on tight to your toddler.  They don’t waver.  They won’t let him go until he is ready.

Your breasts will never be as perky. They gave the most perfect nutrition for months. They gave comfort and made your bond so strong. So, buy a push-up bra, mama, because those pre-baby boobs are never coming back.

Your ears are more open than ever before. They are always listening.  They can hear your child cry even when you are in a deep sleep.  And they know that 30 seconds of quiet means your toddler is up to something.

Your reflexes are dead on. You react without even thinking about it. You throw your body in front of anything if it means protecting your baby.  You can sprint like an Olympian to catch your child before disaster strikes.

Your hair fell out and it’s growing back with funny little wings that stick out the sides of the top knot you wear every single day.  It’s a little curlier, and little more unruly.  A little bit mom hair.

Your intuition is a force to be reckoned with.  So, don’t doubt yourself.  Don’t second guess yourself. Because you know, mama.  You just do.

You may not be as fit as you once were, or maybe you are more fit now, but there are certain parts that are all new. Maybe your belly is a little softer, maybe your legs a little leaner. Maybe you have lines on your skin where you didn’t have them before.

So you see, mama, your body will never be the same.  You may get back “in shape” again. You may even get into better shape than ever before. But you are never going to get your pre-baby body back.  You’ve made a tiny human, you’ve fed him, loved him, comforted him, held him.  You’re his support system and his most important teacher.  You’re his rock.  And all this has changed you.  Forever.

Love that post-baby body for all of it’s strenghts and all of its weaknessess. Because, mama, it’s amazing.


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