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Being thankful.  How often do you stop and take stock of things in your life that you are truly thankful for?  And not just the big things, like your health and having a roof over your head, but the little things.  The things that make each day tick for you.

There are scientifically proven benefits to practicing gratitude.  According to the smart people over at Psychology Today, being grateful improves mental and physical health, helps you sleep better, and reduces aggression.

It just takes a few moments. And it can be the stuff that seems really inconsequential. In fact, I find that focusing on the little things that made my day that much better actually helps me to be more present.

Today, I’m thankful for….

My toddler running down the hallway – The pitter-patter of his little feet, that baby butt going wiggle, wiggle and the pure look of glee on his face as runs away from me.

Yeti Coffee Cups – This mama loves that when I finally get to drink the coffee I poured 3 hours ago, it’s still piping hot.

Spring weather –  I LOVE winter.  But being able to get my kiddo outside for fresh air and freedom sure makes for better days.

Work Projects – Yes, that’s right.  I had a nice bit of quiet time around spring break and I’m happy to have projects ramping up again.

Inspiring Meetings – I’ve had two meetings this week that have sparked a renewed fire for my career, as well as the direction in where I want to go…and the confidence to do it.

McDonald’s All Day Breakfast – When your husband asks you at 9 pm, “Does an Egg McMuffin sound good to you?”  Ummmm, yes.  And then he goes and gets you one. That, my friends, is true love.

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