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I’m glad I titled this blog the inconsistent life.  The attention I pay to this blog is inconsistent.  The writing is inconsistent.  My day to day life is terribly and wonderfully inconsistent all at the same time….and totally chaotic.  But this week is spring break week, and I find myself with hours usually reserved for work that are currently unoccupied.  I find myself with a quiet office, for once.  There is no office banter or ongoing conversation to distract me. No deadlines.  No meetings.  No flood of unchecked email.


A beautiful spring day in Michigan.

My Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of friend’s photos from tropical, or at least much warmer, climates.  I’m in Michigan.  It’s 43 degrees and rain.  Typical early April weather.  I’m not completely without work to do.  This is a great time to work on the projects that always get put to the back burner.  Like marketing efforts for our little agency for example, or updating my Linked In page.  But I’m finding it rather difficult to focus, perhaps that is because for the first time in what seems like a long time – oh, maybe 14 months to be exact – I don’t have to focus.  I can fart around on the internet, order Mitchner’s Carribean because I’ve been meaning to read it and this weather is so dreary it sounds like a good idea, think about what I want to get for lunch…pad thai sounds great…

And I am really, really enjoying the quiet. Because that is the one thing I don’t get much of anymore.  I don’t get time alone, I go stretches of days where I don’t even go to the bathroom alone.  It’s mom life, it’s work life, it’s balancing those two worlds and it leaves very little time for, well, mundane nothingness.

There are a lot of things I could be doing, especially around the house.  Or errands I could probably run.  But I’ve committed to a spring break of quiet nothing and alone time, and I’m going to enjoy it.  In fact, I’m going to stop at Tropical Smoothie on my way to the office and get something with island flavor, I’m going to crack Jimmy Buffet, blast the heat, wear my favorite lipstick, and putz today.  Because it feels fabulous to be a complete bum.  And I feel zero guilt.

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