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I’m really trying to simplify my life.  And part of my simplification means reducing the amount of stuff I have around me.  So, I’m being quite particular.  But, I’m also a marketing person, and a sucker for really good things – things that make my life easier.  I’m not getting paid for this, so they are totally unbiased opinions.  But if you would like to pay me for these reviews, please see the Content Writing at Marketing Strategy Services page of this blog to contact me.  Cheers!

Yeti Colster and 20 Oz Rambler – These were Christmas presents.


Yeti Colster

I received the Rambler and my husband received the can cooler.  I’ve commandeered both.  I now believe in Yetis.  On days when I’m home with my son, I rarely drink a warm cup of coffee.  I pour the coffee, maybe take a few sips, then chase my kid around while it becomes a cold cup of coffee, and not in a good iced latte sort of way.  The Rambler keeps it hot all morning.  Mama happy.  The second beverage in my arsenal of daily happiness (other than wine) is La Croix.  I’m from the midwest, it’s what we drink.  The Colster keeps that can of fizzy delight cold for hours.  Happy mom, happy baby, happy life.


Hatley Fuzzy Fleece Bundler – I absolutely love this bunting for my son.  As much as I love winter, I long for the days when we could just walk out of the house and pop into the car seat.  Bundling up a baby in the winter is a pain in the ass.  A sweaty, sometimes tear-filled, carefully orchestrated battle.  You see, you have to get them dressed, then yourself dressed, all without overheating.  And depending on what your kid is wearing, some of it might have to come off in the car seat for safety or to prevent a meltdown.  The Hatley is super soft, has foot and hand covers built in, and is compressible enough to use with the car seat as long as you have a somewhat close fit.  It’s great to throw on over his clothes to run errands, and you can easily take the top down in a store so the kiddo doesn’t overheat. I found mine on Amazon for about $30, which is a super deal compared to the price of other name brands.  I had no idea this brand existed, but I will be looking to them in the future.  They have a great story, are family owned and operated and are eco-conscious. Bonus.

Zutano Booties – See above for reasoning on easy to use products in the winter.  These booties are great to throw on over socks for extra warmth, and they come up high enough to close the gap of skin that can peek out between the top of the sock and the bottom of the pants.  Roland wears these everywhere.  The tread on the bottom provides him enough traction so he can pull up to standing when he is wearing them as well.

MoutainSmith Drift Lumbar Pack – This is the perfect size pack for hiking.  It easily fits the moutainsmiththings I need on the trail these days: keys, phone, ID, diapers, snacks, sippy cup, water, pacifier, that one teether toy we can’t leave the house without, a burp cloth just in case, baby wipes…you know, the typical hiker stuff.  It works great with my baby carrier because I can wear it around my waist (the strap is small enough that it doesn’t interfere with the waist strap on the carrier) or cross body with the shoulder strap.  It has a couple of pockets and outside bottle holders that make accessing water a breeze.  It fits nice and snug on my low back and doesn’t ride down.

Erin Condren Life Planner – Last year I was really into bullet journaling, and I still love and use this format for note taking, journaling, and keeping track of random stuff.  But once I started trying to balance work and parenting, I needed a legit planner.  I love that you can customize these.  They are also really pretty, which encourages me to use it.  There is enough space for monthly and weekly goals and to-dos, and you can add folders and other accessories to complete the planner. I added a couple of folders.  If you’re into it, you can go apeshit with the stickers they have to totally trick out your planner.  This year I’m using the hourly format, but I am strongly contemplating the vertical format for next year.

Sorel Caribou Boots – These are the originals. These are built for snow and cold.  They are comfortable for hikes in the snow and running around town, without overheating your feet if you are indoors for any period of time.  My last pair of Sorel’s lasted for over 15 years. Word is these are now manufactured in China and don’t have the same quality of the Sorels that were made in Canada, but I’m giving them a chance.  So far, they are working quite well in this Michigan winter.

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