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As they like to say, when it rains it pours. Here’s what has been happening since the last time we spoke.

1. Little Man Came Down with a Cold

This was his first legit cold. So it was my first time dealing with a sick kiddo. There have been a couple of sleepless nights, including being in a steam bath at 3am.  There has been a lot of snot and booger sucking, which is like trying to wrestle a rabid, drunk monkey.  There has been a lot of nursing, as at times it was the only thing that would soothe him.  The house is a disaster, and I havent showered in 2 days, but my kid doesnt care.  He just wants to snuggle, which I will take any day, all day, in any format.

2. I Went Back to Work

Sort of.  Just like that I have two projects kicking off.  A messaging strategy project and a website content project. Tomorrow and next week are full of meetings after being out Monday and Tuesday (see above).

3. The Rest of us Came Down with a Cold

Thankfully by downing Emergen-C, rubbing essential oils on my feet, and somehow piecing together at least 7 hours of sleep for a few nights I beat it before it beat me.

4. He Started Crawling…For Reals

We are now past army crawls and scooching. Where little man wants to go, he goes.  Up went the baby gates, outlet covers, and bumpers on the corner of the coffee table.  We are waiting to see what he takes interest in before we completely bubble wrap our house, but at this point I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a climber. Also, the cats have adjusted well to the baby gates.  They go through the stair railings just fine.  I think they actually believe the gates are there to protect them from the baby.

5. The Seasons Changed Over Night

It does that in Michigan.  One day it’s 80, the next it’s 60. I don’t have enough long sleeve clothes to fit my kid…so I’m adding that to the to do list for the week. And everything else that I didn’t get done last week…see #1 again.

Until next time…

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