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The Bubs and I hit up mom and baby yoga most Fridays.  The class is designed for babies from birth, or whenever you can drag your postpartum ass out of the house, to whenever your baby starts crawling all over the room wrecking the other mom’s savasana.  One might ask, “How much yoga goes on with a baby?”, and it really depends on how the baby is that day.  Most of the time, Bubs is happy to lay on a blanket and play while I do yoga.  We try to incorporate the babies too, by holding them through lunges and what not.  Buuuuut, Roland spends a lot of time on the blanket now that he is over 19 pounds.

We started going to mom and baby yoga when Roland was about 2 months old, and there was a baby girl in class who was about 7 or 8 months old.  Her name was Collins, and she would sit, actually sit, like on her butt, and play with toys.  She would laugh, look around, and interact.  She would roll around and eventually started the movements that would lead to crawling.  I would look at Collins and think how far off it seemed for Roland – 7 months old.  I was in the trenches of new motherhood, just making it hour to hour, and it was so hard for me, in April, to imagine having a baby that could do all those baby things by August…which, at the time, was so far in the future.  Well, here we are.  It’s September, and I have a 7-month-old baby boy.

So, last Friday we went to mom and baby yoga per usual.  We went around the class introducing ourselves and our babies like we always do, and I found myself with the oldest baby in the class.  The other babies were all 2 and 3 months old, the closest in age to Roland was an almost 5-month-old.  I couldn’t help but remember that first class when Roland was 2 months old and thinking we would never get to this point…and yet, here we are.

Collins didn’t stay in the mom and baby class long.  She graduated to the movers and crawlers class a few weeks after we started.  Roland is on the verge of that as well.  He is almost crawling, and the minute he figures out his movement, there will be no containing him to a blanket for any length of time.  I’m excited to watch him grow and change, and look forward to seeing more and more of the little person he is becoming, however, there are times I beg him to slow down, to not rush it, to let mama have one more day.  C’est la vie, right – it’s motherhood, it’s life, and a really good reminder to live in the moment.  This time with our kids, the good times with smiles, and laughter and snuggles, and the bad times, with tears, and 3:30am wake-ups, and diaper blow-outs are fleeting.  A blip in the lifetime of the tiny humans we are raising.  Be in the present, and enjoy it, because time stops for no one.





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