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Stroller mom was out and about again today.  I’m hell-bent on capitalizing on this amazing weather.  This was another perfect day.  Blue skies with just a smattering of fluffy clouds, no humidity, about 80 degrees.  After our morning routine, complete with a diaper blow-out, I told the Bubs we were going to our local mom and baby hot spot, Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park…Meijer Gardens or FMG to us locals.  We are members, and it’s a great spot to go push the stroller around with everyone else.  Next year, Roland will be running around the children’s garden like a wild man, I’m sure, so bonus, I’ll get my cardio in as well.  But until then, it’s all about leisurely walks.

Most of the kids are back in school and the Gardens were deliciously unbusy today.  We covered a lot of ground in an hour and a half and did a fair amount of people watching. Roland got called a “she” twice.  Maybe it’s the purpleish elephant stuffed animal or perhaps his ridiculously long eyelashes (of which I’m terribly envious…how did my son get those lashes??) and perfect skin.  As a totally unbiased mom, I think he’s gorgeous, so I can see how people may think my almost 7-month-old chunk of a boy is a 12-month-old girl.

I look forward to getting over to the Gardens as fall settles in.  I also noticed in the cafe they have local craft brews and wine…hello.  This place might be heaven.  What better way to spend a crisp fall afternoon than strolling around picturesque gardens with my perfect little boy, who maybe looks like a girl, and capping it off with a tasty adult beverage.


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